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Writing through Art

Grades 4 - 12

Writing through Art uses contemporary art to engage students in writing activities. Beginning with the works of art, students will look carefully, think critically, and interpret what they see. The artwork then becomes an inspiration and prompt for writing essays, stories, and poetry.
Writing is a process that begins with thinking and brainstorming ideas and continues through composing, revising, editing, and finally publishing a finished piece. Writing through Art activities will first focus on generating ideas for writing, engaging in prewriting discussions and activities, and creating a first draft of an essay, poem, or other type of writing. The composing processes of revising, editing, and publishing will be continued in the classroom.

How do writers generate ideas for their work?
How do writers become inspired?
How are the processes of creative writing and creating art similar?

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Writing through Art is made possible by generous support from a MetLife Foundation Museum Connections Program Grant.